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Finding MORE Endurance

What is your adventure?
Is it a 5k, sprint triathlon, stage races, 70.3, Ironman, extreme triathlons, 50k trail race, ultra distance triathlons? Just looking to lose weight and get healthy for life? I am here for all of it!

I coach athletes looking to improve overall fitness all they way world championships.

I believe that to achieve your best performance, you need to increase your physical, mental, and emotional capacity. This is true of competitive athletes but also anyone looking to improve their health and quality of life.

My coaching is not just about the creating the best training program for you. It is about helping you line your mental and emotional strength with your fitness so you can bring out the very best you!


I combine my expertise in triathlon AND mindset coaching to help you train the body and the mind to reach your next level.

I also work with athletes that have amazing coaches, but need support on the mental and emotional side.

Race Visualization Tool
See how mindset work can help you achieve your athletic goals

My Journey:

I am a mother juggling work, family and a deep passion for endurance sports. I worked through body image, weight issues, injuries and confidence. I know what it is like to want to change - your athletic ability, your health, and your confidence. 

When I signed up for my first triathlon I was a beginner, like I had not been on a bike in 15 years beginner. I was never on a swim team. My running consisted of a 3 mile round trip jog to my Crossfit gym. I learned all three sports from scratch from one of the best triathlon coaches in the world. In seven years, I went from not being able to change a tire to competing in 4 World Champions (3 Ironman and 1 Extreme Triathlon), winning the Starvation Extreme Triathlon, and riding on some of the most epic roads in the world!

I know what it is like to be a new triathlete. Overwhelmed by the details of training but ready to dive in.

I know what it is like to set massive goals and go after them and how scary that can be! 

I understand that this an athletic journey AND a journey to finding endurance in life.


My job is to be there for you every step of the way.

I love helping athletes discover their love of endurance sports, take on new challenges and see who they become on the other side.

​Finding endurance is not just about the finish line or the next PR (but we work our assess off for them), it is a journey to build mental fitness, emotional resilience, confidence, and patience. It is about pushing yourself in all aspects of life.

MORE is possible, its time to find your Endurance!

Triathlon Coaching: Services
Service: Text


Monthly Coaching

Customized program to support your athletic goals! I work closely with athletes and deeply value each and every one of my athletes. We are a team, both working together to achieve their goals!

I believe the most successful athletes are able to increase their mental, emotional, and physical capacity. Each of these pieces are connected. If you want to achieve your goals, you need to train all three. No matter how fit you are, if you are not able to create a mindset that allows you to show up mental and emotionally strong, you will never be able to access your full physical abilities. 

That is why in addition to traditional programming, I also work closely with my athletes on developing their mindset for racing, training and life! 

Coaching Includes:

+ Customized training plan 

Weekly monitoring of training 

Training feedback

Unlimited adjustments to accommodate training for life events, illness, travel etc.

Nutrition Support: Daily, training and racing

Tech set up support

Equipment advice

Assistance in goal setting
Race planning and debriefing 

Race selection and seasonal planning

+ Mindset Coaching:

Monthly 1:1 virtual mindset sessions (upon athlete request)

Mediation and breath work support (upon athlete request)

+ Communication with me:

Email - unlimited

Text - unlimited

Phone calls - at athlete request

Virtual, quarterly check-ins - athlete driven

Training Feedback via Training Peaks


+ Community:
In partnership with MCC, we offer:
Premier access to our
partner MCC’s Camps

Price: $285/month

Athlete Mindset Coaching


Already have a great coach but you want to hone in on your mindset for training and/or racing? I can help!

I work with athletes looking to develop their mindset to help them reach their goals. Topics I commonly coach on:

Overcoming injuries

Building confidence

Overcoming failure 

Breaking patterns 

Race planning and execution

Body Image


Training the body is only half of it, to really succeed, you have to train your mind too! 

Session Packages:

These can be used during any 12-month timeframe to support your athlete goals and schedule.

4 sessions: $500 ($125/session)

8 sessions: $896 ($112/session)

12 sessions: $1200 ($100/session)


I chose Jennifer to coach me for a team ultra-triathlon race because of her passion to help women and beginning triathletes (me!) to reach their goals.  After my initial visit with her, I could tell we would be a good fit!  Her background, experience and knowledge are impressive; her go get ‘em personality and mental toughness seemed to align with me   

The format of my event wasn’t a typical one, so I needed a coach that could provide a structured workout plan that would get me to my goals.  Jennifer did just that!  She provided the structure I needed and made adjustments throughout my training when an injury and travel plans interrupted the routine. Jennifer always had a positive attitude with plenty of encouragement along the way.  She made me feel like I was just as important as an Olympic athlete!  She had no doubt she could help me accomplish the big goal I had set for myself.  I will definitely turn to Jennifer to help me smash my next challenge!  THANK YOU Jennifer!


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