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Tools, mini classes, and guides to help you develop your mindset and pursue your athletic and life goals!


Self Confidence Challenge

This 10 day challenge delivers bit-sized videos, lessons, and daily reflection questions right to your inbox! And you get a 30 min 1:1 coaching with me to dive deeper into creating more confidence in any area of your life.

+ Stop worrying about what other people think of you

+ Learn how to see doubts and create belief in yourself

+ Move forward on your goals and dreams

+ Get unstuck 

+ Handle failure and keep moving forward

+ Transform your relationship with yourself

+ Start to create a life you are excited to live!

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Process Feelings Mini Class

This mini class is designed to guide you, step by step, to process and release emotions, no matter how big or how long they have been impacting you. The mini consists of 3 videos sent right to your inbox and one 1:1 coaching session.


You will learn:

What feelings are (probably not what you think)

How to actively choose to feel emotions

How to connect your mind and your body to help release feelings

how to use the power of sports and movement to process and release deep and overwhelming feelings. ​

Create Fierce Self Love

Self Love is...the foundation for everything you want to create in your life!


In this mini class, we explore what self love is, what a loving relationship with yourself looks like, and how to create fierce self love over and over!​

The class includes:

+ 16 min training

+ Supporting workbook

+ 1 free 1:1 coaching session on self love



Guides to help you visualization your race or any big goal in your life. My visualization process levels up traditional visualization methods by help you see, think and take action from the future, successful you!

Race Visualization Guide


Goal Setting Visualization


For tools, tips, and advice on all things mindset and training

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