Finding more YOU!

I help you figure out what you want in life and go after it! 

Stop living a SHOULD life and create a WANT life!

When you look around are you satisfied with the life you created or do want more? More in relationships, more in your career, more in YOURSELF?

I have been exactly where you are. I looked around my life and realized I had a created a container that confined me to feeling and showing up as small, cramped. Through my journey in self development, I learned how to envision what I wanted my life, get out of my container and created a life of MORE. 

Now its your turn and I am here to help!

I work weekly with you to help you understand what it is you REALLY want, what is holding you back (spoiler it is your thoughts!) and how to manage your mind to create exactly what you want in life.

My role as a coach is to help you understand what you want and how to create it. I don't have all the answers, but you do! I am here to support, guide and push you to break out of the container and create the life you want! 

Let's go!! 

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Weekly 1:1 sessions

Weekly 1:1 sessions with me! We take a deep dive into where you are in your life now and discover what you want to create. Through our session you will get the tools, skills and resources you need to create a life a more, a life you want! No topic is off limits - relationships, weight, career, parenting, athletic performance, confidence... I am here for all of it and I am here for you!

Weekly, 45 min 1:1 virtual sessions 

Additional communication with me

(Have a question after our session? Need quick support before a big meeting? No problem! I am here for you! Consider me your pocket coach! I am just a text/email away!)

Email - unlimited

Text - unlimited


Working with Jennifer has absolutely changed my life! I was stuck in my relationships with all the people I loved - my husband, friends and family. I was unhappy and frustrated all the time but I didn't understand why. 

Working with Jennifer helped me understand what I had created for myself, own what was mine, and empowered me to make huge and beautiful changes in my life. 

After a three months I have completely changed how I show up in my relationships. I love who I am becoming and I don't feel stuck or frustrated. I am creating a life that I want!  Thanks to her curiosity and the real tools and skills she provides, my life is becoming exactly what I want it to be!