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Wherever you go. You take your brain with you!

The key to all great trips is the ability to manage your mind!

With a TRAVEL MINDSET you can enjoy every vacation for the rest of your life!


Changing the environment around you can bring out a new side to you and help you see the world differently. But you are also not a brand new person once you get off the airplane.


That isn't a thing. You are still you, in a different location.


If you have trouble disconnecting from drama on a daily basis, it will find you, no matter how beautiful the beach. If you struggle with keeping your frustration with your kids and/or spouse in check at home, it will still come up on vacation. If you struggle with thinking things need to be a “certain way” at work, guess what? Those thoughts are going to follow you! 


Just by simply removing yourself from your daily life does not automatically mean you will have a totally different mind! 

How many times have you: 

Gone on vacation you planned for months and been disappointed? 

Had the same drama in the fancy resort as you do at home? 

Sat in lines at amusement parks and felt the same frustration you feel on your morning commute? 


If you want the absolute most amazing trips, it is less where you go and more about your travel mindset.

Download my Travel Mindset Guide

Check out my free Travel Mindset Guide and start enjoying every vacation for the rest of your life!

What will a Travel Mindset help you do?


It guarantees no matter where you go, who you go with, how much you spend,

it will be amazing.




Successful travel isn't about the flights, what you eat, the places you stay, even what you see.


It is about how you feel. That is what we tell friends and post on instagram. Our feelings of joy, excitement, freedom, wonder… That is what we seek when we travel, new experiences that we hope bring feelings we want. 


What causes feelings? Our thoughts!


Our thoughts create feelings. So if we want to experience these amazing feelings we traveled to experience, then we also have to make sure we are able to manage our mind to stay open and in the moment and not stuck in its usual loops of life.


Otherwise, the first hiccup in the trip and your brain will be off to its usual playlist of: “shouldn't be this way, he shouldn't have…, why do I…, I can't believe this…” and you will be thrown from the moment in a blink of an eye and no longer will you be open to joy and amazement.

As a bonus, being able to manage your mind leads to so much less stress! You can let go of the “perfect vacation” of the need for “smooth travel.” Flight delays, lost bags, bad weather, does not have to mean the vacation is ruined or will not result in the feelings you want to experience. When you have a travel mindset, you can always find ways of enjoying every moment of your trip. It is the best travel insurance policy ever!

I used to have the worst family trips. I would plan every last minute perfectly. But no matter how great my plans were, something would always go wrong and I would end up miserable. After working with Jennifer, I was able to let go of so many frustrations and anxiety and actually enjoy my trip and my family! Once I was able to relax and enjoy my trip, my family did to! I can't wait for my next family vacation!

- Mel

Shift your thoughts, change your experience!

Coaching Topic Examples:

Anxiety about traveling alone

Traveling in a new country

Perfectionism ruining family vacations 

First trip in a new relationship

Racing in another country

Traveling with kids

Travel Midset

Program Details

Travel Mindset Program includes:


Three 1:1 private 30 min coaching sessions and practical tools you can use before, during and after your trip. 

Price: $150

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