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I found endurance sports and mindset coaching on my journey to find MORE of out life and create a life of WANT.

Somewhere along the way when I left my job as an Executive Director to be a stay-at-home mom I lost who I was and what I wanted from life. When I sent my daughter off to preschool, I looked around and I didn't recognize me. I had put myself in a small container and I was limiting who I was and how I was showing up. There was nothing wrong. I had a beautiful daughter, a supportive husband, a house, 2 dogs… but what I knew deep down is I was living a SHOULD life, not a WANT life. And I 100% knew this was not how I wanted to live my life. 

Like many people who want a change, I looked to fitness and sport. Sport is a great way to focus on immediate change in your mind and body. At the age of 33, with zero experience in swim, bike or running, decided to give triathlons a try. In my first race, I tapped into the athlete that was buried deep inside and I fell in love with triathlons and who I was as an athlete. 

I discovered I was capable of doing hard things.

​I could problem solve on the fly.

I could push through the voices in my head that said "STOP!"

I could sit in discomfort for hours.

And I was good! I have never been good at a sport ever! But after a few years, I raced 4 World Championships.

I was meant for something much bigger than I even knew.

I was not just a mom, just a wife, I was SO MUCH MORE!

Triathlon connected me to all these amazing parts of myself. I wanted to bring them into other areas of my life, but I didn't know how. Sport can teach us about ourselves, help us push our boundaries, but it doesn't mean we automatically know how to apply that to the rest of our lives. I used triathlon to connect with me, but I was still unsatisfied, I still wanted MORE.


As Brene Brown so powerfully stated, it was like the Universe was still tapping me on my shoulder and telling me to "let go of who you think you are supposed to be and to embrace who you are." 

Here is the thing, once you open Pandora’s box, you cannot close it and it doesn't mean you actually know what to do with it! My journey to create a WANT life took sharp and painful turns. Turns with deep sadness, pain, letting go, joy, hurting people I love and losing the people I love the most. Like all journeys, there are beautiful and ugly parts, you are never the same on the other side.


In search for me, I blew up my life and the lives of people I love. In my deepest moment of shame and regret, I found the teaching of the Life Coach School and it absolutely changed my life. It was the key I was missing to move out of the suffering I was stuck in and create a life of MORE.  I let go of fear and unraveled the strangling spiral of shame and suffering. I fully embraced who I am. Every day I move my create more in my life.

I am passionate about helping others create more in their life. More in their sport, more in their bodies, more in their career, more in their relationships. MORE IS POSSIBLE and I can get you there! 

You do not need to suffer and nothing around you needs to change! You have the power get more from your life RIGHT NOW! It is all in your hands and I am here to help you! 

I know what it is like to want MORE and to go after it in sport and life! I know what it is like to know that I am capable of more, I deserve more, I want more. I changed my life from a SHOULD life to a WANT life. If you are ready to create the life you want and are excited to live, I am here for you! Let's go get it!

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