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Finding the connection in SPORT to LIFE

Sport can be a powerful vehicle to push your boundaries, change your mindset, discover your physical and mental potential. One race can change a life forever. I see it every time I race an Ironman and I have experienced myself. I am never the same person at the finish line as I was at the starting line. Endurance sports can change you to your core. But it doesn’t mean it's easy to apply the lessons of grit, acceptance and self awareness to all areas of our life. 

Through triathlon I learned so much about who I am. It helped me to break out of the container I confined myself to after I had my daughter and became a stay-at-home mom. I learned I was strong, mentally and physically. I learned I could sit in discomfort for hours. I could problem solve on the fly. I get energized by adventures and seeing what is over the next mountain range. While my athletic life was growing and flourishing, my personal and professional life struggled. I wonder why I couldn't just apply what I learned training and racing to other areas of my life? It seemed so easy and obvious.

Then I discovered thought work and the teachings and practices from The Life Coach School and it all started coming together. When I added thought work, compassionate curiosity and the coaching strategies and techniques I learned, I was able to bring all incredible athletics parts of me into my personal and professional life. 

I combine my endurance triathlon and life coaching to help you get more out of your endurance and apply the lessons and insights you discover along the way to all areas of your life!

Want to get more out of every area of your life RIGHT NOW? This is it! Let's go get it!!

Life + Sport: Services


Weekly 1:1 coaching session
Customized triathlon coaching

This is my favorite coaching! I love working with other athletes and new athletes to create a life they WANT! Combine my monthly triathlon coaching (coaching is also available for single sport and general fitness) with 1:1 weekly sessions with me and add in  personalized racing mindset development to create a life of achieving BIG goals, pushing mental and physical boundaries, creating MORE and loving all of life's adventures! 


Weekly 1:1 45min coaching session via zoom

Racing mindset coaching before each race and/or event

Additional communication with me

(Have a question after our session? Need quick support before a big race? No problem! I am here for you! I am just a text/email away!)

Email and text - unlimited


Customized training plan 
Daily monitoring of training 

Training feedback

Unlimited adjustments to accommodate training for life events, illness, travel etc.

Nutrition Support: Daily, training and racing

Tech set up support

Equipment advice

Assistance in goal setting
Race planning and debriefing 

Race selection and seasonal planning

Communication with me:

Email - unlimited

Text - unlimited

Phone calls - at athlete request

Virtual or quarterly checkins - unlimited, athlete driven

Training Feedback via Training Peaks

In partnership with MCC, we offer:
Premier access to our partner MCC’s Camps
Access to MCC’s community private groups on Facebook

Life + Sport: Text
Life + Sport: Testimonials

After having my second child in the midst of the pandemic, I felt disassociated from everything that had once felt in my control or - more worryingly- had once given me happiness. I needed both a physical as well as a mental/emotional overhaul, and teaming up with Jennifer for both fitness AND life coaching ended up being the perfect move. I went into it knowing that she had traveled a similar journey as a mother, and that really helped me trust that she could understand what I was feeling. Today I feel so much stronger (in every way), and it helps me enjoy my children and be even more present for my family, which I love! Jennifer has been a rock when I’ve needed it and my life is better every day because of her help.


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