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Marilyn Chychota Coaching 

Finding Endurance is proud to partner with Marilyn Chychota Coaching (MCC) to bring a large network of knowledgeable experts in the field of endurance sports, a fantastic and fun community of triathletes, cyclists and runners, and expert coaching support.


Marilyn is the reason I started triathlon. She recognized I was a triathlete lost in a Crossfit gym and encouraged me to get out of the weight room and on a bike! She has been my coach for 4 years and is now my coaching mentor. I work closely with Marilyn to provide top level coaching services. 


As a Finding Endurance Athlete you will also be considered an MCC athlete and have access to all the MCC benefits (partner discounts, network of endurance sports professionals, and the MCC Triathlon club benefits). All Finding Endurance athletes are welcome to join the MCC community and learn from some of the top age groupers and pros in triathlon and endurance sports. This includes team challenges, events, and camps. 


From Marilyn

I am very excited to welcome Finding Endurance athletes to the MCC community.


I saw the talent Jennifer has in triathlon when I met her in a weightlifting gym. She is not only been a talented athlete, but an incredible student of the sport. Her drive and commitment, along with a calm and calculated mind, is what puts her ahead in everything she does. I'm excited to watch her grow as a coach and continue to support her in her journey in sport.

- Marilyn Chychota

MCC Head Performance Coach and Owner

USAT Certified Coach

Professional Athlete 2003-2012

Ironman Champion

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Pura Vida
Cycling Challenge

Pura Vida Cycling Challenge is cycling trip of a lifetime with 5 days of grand tour style riding in the beautiful cycling paradise of Costa Rica. Immerse yourself in the vibrant and colorful Costa Rican culture while tackling some of the hardest climbs in the world! You will summit 5 "HC" climbs in 5 days, so be ready to be pushed to your physical and mental limits!


Daily rides include local riders, some of whom have competed at the highest level of the sport, including athletes who have raced internationally against the world’s best. The Pura Vida Cycling Challenge will push and prepare you for all your upcoming races and events!

Pura Vida Cycling Challenge is where grit meets paradise.


Finding Endurance athletes receive a discount on all Pura Vida Cycling trips. Contact us to find out more.