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The secret to getting what you want out of life is...


Feel your feelings!


This is the key to all mindset work, personal growth, connection to who you are, achieving big goals, and creating a more loving relationship with yourself.


You cannot grow as a human in any capacity if you do not feel your feelings. 

You can be aware of your thoughts all day long, but if you want to change the chaos in your brain, you have to be willing to feel the emotions created by your thoughts.


This can feel super overwhelming. I know.

I am here to help! 

This mini course is designed to help guide you, step by step, to process and release emotion, no matter how big or how long they have been impacting you. Learn what feelings are (probably not what you think), how to actively choose to feel emotions, how to connect your mind and your body to help release feelings, and how to use the power of sports and movement to process and release deep and overwhelming feelings. 

How to Feel your Feelings

Detach from the Story

Use movement to process and release emotions 

Have deeper questions? Email me! Want to dive into this work deeper? Check out my Mindset Coaching and Triathlon + Mindset coaching offerings. 

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