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Master Self-Confidence and Shed Judgment After Divorce

3 strategies to stop doubting your decisions, ignore what “they” think, and unlock your new life… 

in this free 1-hour training

After divorce, you’re faced with a conundrum:

You now have the freedom to create the life you’ve craved for so long… but you don’t know how to make it happen.


You might doubt your decision-making skills (look how your last big decision ended). Your confidence might be shaky. And everyone around you seems to have an opinion on what you’re doing (or not doing) with your life. 


What’s the next right step for you? How can you stop doubting yourself or caring about what others think? 


This is what I affectionately call the Divorcee Doubt Thought Loop — and I want to help you overcome it during my FREE upcoming training. 

 Let’s get you out of the Divorcee Doubt Thought Loop!

Maybe you heard that you “shouldn’t care what other people think” growing up. But the truth is… we’re social creatures. After a life-changing event like a divorce, it’s normal to look to your loved ones, peers, and friends for advice and feedback.


But there’s still a stigma around divorce (even though 50-60% of all marriages end in one) — and you may feel judgment from those you respect. 


In my FREE 1-hour training, 3 Ways to Master Self-Confidence and Shed Judgment After Divorce, we’ll dig into…


Why you care so much about what other people think

How caring about others’ opinions is holding you back

3 steps to stop letting other people’s opinions affect your decisions


This training is also designed to help you:

Bust through the Divorcee Doubt Thought Loop

Confidently take action (without doubting yourself to death)

Gain tools to help you own your actions when others express their judgment


Essentially, you’ll walk away from this training feeling EMPOWERED and EXCITED to take action in your life… so you can live it your way.


When you sign up for free, you’ll get:

A 45-minute training

15 minutes for Q&A to share your stories and ask questions

Lifetime access to the training replay

Go from “What will they say?” to “Let them watch!”

You may be newly divorced or it may have been months or years since the papers were signed — but you still find yourself doubting what to do next. If you feel frozen by a lack of confidence or a fear of judgment, you’re limiting your capacity for joy now! 


You left your marriage to experience more joy, more freedom, more self-expression. This free 1-hour training is going to help you tap into that, and take simple actions that help you build your “gumption.” 


It’s your life — live it the way YOU want to.

This 1-hour training is right for you if…
  • You’re nearing divorce or have been divorced in the last couple of years

  • Struggle to make decisions or take action after your divorce

  • Struggle with self-confidence (both physically and in life generally) 

  • Find yourself surrounded by people who have a lot of opinions about what you should do with your life now 

  • Have a loose idea of where you want your life to go — from relationships to professional and/or personal accomplishments (but can’t seem to make it happen)


Meet your host

Jennifer Vollmann

Me, Living my
best life!

I am a mindset coach and I have been exactly where you are. I know what it is like to end a marriage and be stuck in the divorcee doubt thought loop. Fearful of what others will think, feeling guilty for a decision I knew was right for me, and unsure how to create a life I wanted. Through the same coaching tools I use with my clients and teach on this training, I shed my guilt, embraced who I truly am and now live a life fully aligned with me and what I love. I work with divorced women around the world to help them life on their own terms.

I can’t wait to help you unlock your confidence (and stop caring what “they” think)

80% of divorcees report being somewhat or very positive about their life post-divorce.

I want to make sure that number goes up to 100%.


It all starts with ending the Divorcee Doubt Thought Loop — and building confidence in your OWN power. What do you say? Will you join me?

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