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High achievers need to be coached by other high achievers!

 Even the most driven and successful person hits a wall.

It happens to the best of us.

The fastest way to break through that wall is through effective coaching.

But not just any coaching. You need a coach that understands your drive and all the challenges that come with being a high achiever.



Burn out

Imposter Syndrome

Work/life balance

Staying focused on massive goals


I am a high performance endurance athlete competing at the world championship level in Ironman and Extreme Triathlons. I have been an Executive Director of a global education non-profit. I am a single mom and an entrepreneur. I have always been an overachiever.


I get you.


And I can help.

Stop hitting a wall in life. If you want the best out of yourself, then you need to work on yourself! I am here to support, guide and push you so you can reach your potential


I got you!

Take the first step: Lets talk for 30 mins and see how we can work together

Life Coaching: Services

I coach the best!
From competitive athletes to CEOs to college professors to authors. My clients are breaking through walls, growing relationships, achieving huge goals, and finding balance in life.



The Ultimate Blueprint for Unleashing Your Full Potential

High Achievers Mastery Program is the ultimate coaching program designed for high achievers to break through barrier and unleash their full potential  With personalized coaching, mindset mastery, goal setting, this program empowers you to overcome self-doubt, achieve extraordinary goals, and live life on your own terms.

What to expect:

6 months Coaching Program


Weekly 1:1 virtual coaching with Jennifer


Monthly targeted coaching, guides, tools, techniques, and resources to effectively move you through your radical transformation


Unlimited text and email support for ongoing accountability and motivation throughout your transformation journey


Focus Areas: 

1. Create a Transformation Plan

2. Create a loving relationship with yourself

3. Break the cycle of validation

4. Overcome any obstacle

5. Get over perfectionism and other beliefs that hold you back

6. Goal setting and action planning

Life Coaching: Text

Working with Jennifer has absolutely changed my life! I was stuck in all my professional and personal goals. I was working so hard but going no where and I was miserable.

Through my work with Jennifer, I was able to clearly see my limiting belief, end my burn out, learn to let go of my perfectionism, embrace failure, and keep moving toward my goals. 


I picked Jennifer as my coach because  I am a bad ass. She is a bad ass and I knew she would hold me accountable, challenge, and help me show up in ways I have been holding back. If want someone to push you, she is your coach.



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